An Introduction to Gnosis, Launceston March 2019

The Gnostic tradition covers a broad range of topics that all focus on the development of the consciousness and the realisation of our inner Being. Gnosis Tasmania provides courses of 2 hours each week that focus on a particular element of the inner work. Each week, we present a lecture on a specific topic and include meditation practice as part of the study. All students are strongly encouraged to develop their own meditation discipline at home to compliment the study and to ensure that the knowledge is experiential and not just theoretical.

In March 2019, the Launceston Gnostic Centre will present a 10 week introductory course that will cover the main elements of the Gnostic tradition. This will be held on Monday nights, starting 18th of March from 7pm to 9pm at the LINC, 8 High Street, East Launceston. People who attend are not required to sign up or commit to anything beyond the course. It is well suited to people who may have an interest in meditation, psychology, mythology, personal development or anything of the esoteric and would like to learn in an adult education setting.

The topics we will cover include:

The Ego, Essence and Personality– the qualities of the human Essence, formation of the personality and limitations of the Ego

The Four States of Consciousness– The sleeping consciousness. States of consciousness in daily life. Meditation and awakening.

The 5 Centres of the Human Machine– The centres of psychological activity. How to balance the centres. Conservation of energy.

Karma and Recurrence– the Law of Balance. Cause and effect in life. How to manage our karma.

Evolution, Involution and Revolution– the cycles of development in life. The transmigration of souls. Spiritual revolution.

The Tree of Life– the planes of existence. Higher and lower dimensions in nature.

If you would like to attend this course or any in future, we encourage to either follow our facebook page or email us and we will send you an invite in due course.


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