Gnosis and the mystery traditions

Gnosis has survived through the ages thanks to the dedication of numerous indiviauals and esoteric orders throughout time. These schools developed rich systems of thought designed to preserve the essence of the ancient mystery tradition. This ancient tradition can be referred to as “Gnosis” and is the science of the soul- how to develop the consciousness and awaken to the inner reality of our Being.

Much of what was passed down was done so in oral and not written form. This makes it a challenge for contemporary historians to really understand the purpose and methods of these secretive institutions. Many conspiracy theories and attacks have been launched against these mystical societies by people who did not have the understanding of the inner work- the development of the soul and the liberation of the consciousness.

Why did these groups exist? What was their purpose? Did they have a common aim or were they working in different directions? What were their intentions towards humanity?

On Saturday, February 16 2019, the Gnostic centre in Launceston, Tasmania, will be presenting a series of lectures giving a brief overview of the transmission of this body of knowledge from ancient Egypt to the present day. This will be held at the Launceston LINC, 8 High Street, Launceston, from 10am to 4pm.

The topics to be covered include:

· Mysticism in Ancient Egypt

· Gnostic Christianity

· The rise of the Church

· The Gnostic Templars

· Mystical Alchemy

· Early Freemasonry

· Rosicrucianism

· Occultism 1800-1900’s

· Theosophy and Anthroposophy

· The New Age

We will also provide an introduction to meditation practice on the day. Please check our facebook page or join our meetup group for more details or contact us directly here.

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