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Gnosis is the practical study of the great spiritual mysteries of the world. The word Gnosis has Greek origins and refers to “direct, intuitive knowledge”, wisdom gained through one’s own practice, discipline and comprehension.

Gnosis is not just theoretical or a matter of belief. It is a knowledge gained through direct personal experience.

The Gnostic Society (Tasmania) provides weekly courses consisting of talks and presentations exploring the Gnostic tradition, meditation practices and regular retreats for advanced students.

"I looked in temples, churches and mosques but I found the Divine within my heart."


Gnosis is a contemporary tradition aimed at the development of all of our human possibilities through the study and practice of a set of universal principles of self-discovery and inner development.

These principles are  found in the sciences, philosophies, arts and spiritual traditions of human culture throughout history.

Putting these principles into action in our lives brings real, immediate, and lasting  change, and a greater sense of freedom and happiness.

The Gnostic Society Tasmania offers public introductory classes throughout the year from its different locations. Classes are open to all and beginners are welcome. 

Classes are typically run one evening per week for 2 hours and include a lecture and guided meditation practice.

All classes are run by donation. If you wish to be notified of new courses starting, please contact us to be placed on our waiting list.




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